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I couldn't. I had to upgrade. My old phone woudn't work with the newer systems. :( It was older. Never failed and had reception that worked 10 feet underground in a morgue. That is another store for another time.

I know what you mean. Despite my enthusiasm for it, my old flip-flop is dying a slow and painful death. That said, I HATE having to upgrade! My car is 12 years old and other than tires and oil changes, I've never put a dime into it. Nevertheless, it's staring to make "expensive noises". I know a new car is in my near future as well.

At my last "Real Job" they issued me with a work phone/walkie talkie that could not be destroyed under any conditions. It had even fallen from my pocket one day when I was going from one building to the next and spent several minutes in a deep puddle before I retrieved it. MF-er never stopped working.

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The old car can be repaired, often cheaper than new cars. (unless very very old)

as for the phone I know someone that still uses a flip phone and have seen from time to time old style flip phones around for sale with upgraded internals. They are solid and you might be able to find some of them now if you really look. They just aren't very easy to find.

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