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Schneider CPC... OMG, on school we had a Computer Working Group, that was 1986/87. There were 5 464 and two 664. I learned there the first steps on Basic. Therefore the C64/128D were more popular. I started with a C16/Plus 4, earlier i had an Atari 2600 Console. I had the c64 later, 1989. Defender was a nice game. But back to Topic.^^




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Not to forget that the Schneider CPC64 was only a rebranded Armstrad CPC64. Having a tape drive my days went like this:
Switch on PC, load game, goto school, come back from school and hope the game loaded correctly.
if not it failed loading: Load the game again and hope it's done before bed time. :D But i actually learned basic on it. ;)

Going synth now? Wolfsheim was and is one of my fav Synth bands, together with this one:


Sadly no video on YouTube with the unplugged version, so this'll have to suffice.


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