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Yes, the stupid cow actually said this...

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14 hours ago, driftscape said:

A ver si sus culos no se prende por los fuegos artificales. :P

¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale!

That above post was inspired by Kendo's post earlier.. Youtube selected some others :D This time their selection was actually meaningful lol
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That was Russia. Who knows what laws they have for hand guns ...

In any case, remember those people in MO? That held guns out .. they are lawyers and going to jail most likely due to them pointing it at someone. That was illegal. Until they were faced with a real threat.

He (the gun owner) is so fucking lucky the attacker didn't turn on him and try to seriously harm him (or even kill him)  I strongly believe that is an unusual outcome in such a situation. At least in the US.

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22 hours ago, ritualclarity said:

From what I can see.. those Antifa "thugs" will have a hard time in prison.. ;)

Can you imagine what it's going to cost the taxpayer to bring in al those Vegan and Soy meals?

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Just like here in Pennsylvania. The politicians locked up the retirement homes and wouldn't let residents out or visitors in. Almost all of our COVID fatalities were from retirement homes. Two state senators and a state rep secretly pulled loved ones out of their facilities. Other families that tried were threatened with arrest.


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      Moderator moved to here
      thought there might be some meaningful discussions related to recent changes to Nexus.
      there are possibly some Nexus fan boys here. Have your heated discussions but beware we aren't Nexus and we won't protect you if anyone starts slinging shit and can't handle the consequences.
      HAVE FUN!
      Penalizing users for not having premium membership is not the way to incentivize people to pay for a premium membership. Now having to be redirected to download a file has only made it more of an obstacle for people to download files having to go through hoops. it's not going to stop me from download what I want, but it definitely furthers me from ever being motivated to become a premium or support member. Not that I ever would.
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      Link the FastCompany.com article.

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