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Bethesda Game Studios Looking For A Quest Designer, Possibly For The Elder Scrolls 6 Or Starfield

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Bethesda Game Studios Looking For A Quest Designer, Possibly For The Elder Scrolls 6 Or Starfield

Bethesda recently opened up a new studio in Austin, and to no one’s surprise, they’re now looking to hire more people for the newly opened studio- but for which game? We know they’re currently working on a few pretty big projects, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that The Elder Scrolls 6 has to be one of them (but how far away that game is is still anybody’s guess).

As per the job ad posted on ZeniMax’s (Bethesda’s parent company) official website, Bethesda are looking to hire a new quest designer for their Austin studio. Responsibilities for the position include things such as “designing and documenting stories and quests”, and overseeing things such as “creative narrative structure”, “writing dialogue”, and “scripting gameplay”. And here’s something else that’s interesting- “excellent storytelling, dialogue writing, and editing skills” are listed as requirements for the position.

For all their strengths, games developed by Bethesda Game Studios have always been known to have mediocre writing and storytelling at best (even we’ve written about this in the past), so it’s good to see that the studio is at least trying to work on its weaknesses. What game the newly opened Austin studio is going to be working on, though, is completely up in the air right now. It can be for the long rumored Starfield or The Elder Scrolls 6, we are not sure at this point. Perhaps, this year’s E3 will give us some answers.

Read more at https://gamingbolt.com/bethesda-game-studios-looking-for-a-quest-designer-possibly-for-the-elder-scrolls-6-or-starfield#XYx8WDzJcFWcrfYe.99


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That job posting is a nightmare and explains why Bethesda can't get their shit together.  They want someone who will write narration, design quests, script, etc.  It sounds like they want to fill the position of 'modder' and not hire someone to be part of a corporate team.  The only things they didn't include in that job posting are 3d modelling and texture painting.  And I can't imagine why since they want the position to do everything else.

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Job description sounds more like writer than designer.  I thought nowadays in AAA productions those are two different jobs and sitting above them is the game architect/director.  It's a rare talent to be able to excel at both. 

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      The recent scuttlebutt and rumors are that the retailer chain Target leaked some documentation regarding a 'Bethesda: Game of Thrones' release.  I'm not posting any links since everything at this point is rumors and if nothing solid comes out soon I'll be moving this thread to an Off-Topic area.
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      Reported by both gamespot and PCGamer, TES 6 is not in development according to Bethesda VP of marketing Pete Hines.  The subject came up after a series of Tweets by Hines and was later verified an clarified by Hines in a statement to PCGamer.  This directly conflicts with previous statements made by Bethesda game designer Todd Howard at a D.I.C.E 2016 interview, where he confirmed development for TES6.
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