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Getting it Right by Design...sorta; NSFWMods.com

Kendo 2

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The title of this video interested me and while watching it I had an epiphany as to why NSFWMods is the way it is.  Partly by design and partly by happy accident, the site isn't attractive to regressive Leftists and SJWS.  And this is a good thing.

Here's the video; and as a litmus test look at other game sites you're familiar with to see if anything talked about applies.


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I think everybody that thinks that the report is wrong go to Nexus, download the mod and rate it as good... Give positive feedback to the author on his mod. Be nice and positive... ;)

If you are afraid of the SJW moderators... then create a fake account to do this with. Just use some free vpn or something to mask your IP. There are still ways to find out who you are, but doubt they (SJW moderators) will go beyond just checking the IP. ;)

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I already block their ads. And even more so since they want to use ad revenue to pay their selective modders some cash. Something that I do not want to partake in and agree with. Because at the end of the day, the staff and admin has their little favorites who they believe deserve the spot light over others.

I also will never support them financially. There are so many things (apart from what I stated above and below) that I don't agree with. And I've noticed how the premium members (not all) like to bash those who have never supported Nexus. I've seen this type of behavior on LL as well. Back when the LL patreon support topic was popular in 2016. You are looked down upon and considered a pirate if you don't support these sites. Hell, even modders will go out their way and belittle anyone who challenges modders for their narcissistic behavior because you haven't uploaded any mods.

Their new layout is garbage. The only thing I actually like from their new layout is how quick images load when skimming through images on a mod page. Everything else just screams social media. I have no doubt that one day Nexus will be bought out by some corporation. It's got over 14mil members. D0 should have never given the mod scene this kind of attention, in my opinion. But he does it for the sake of money and nothing else.

All of this to me has to do with D0 pushing Nexus and mods in general into the mainstream and social media. That's why I feel it's invited the wrong kind of people into the scene.


This video specifically talks about Metal, but pretty much applies to a lot of other things like mods and modding.




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Well, both Nexus and LL already had the baggage of spam topics before social media became a thing.  But back then the forums basically functioned as message boards for gaming.  The more superfluous and inane topics a forum has, the more forum boys and social media trash it invites.  Luckily for NSFWMods it was a new site and everyone one on the staff came in with advanced information and a loose plan; don't let this site be like Nexus or LL.

When RC and I started suggesting rules to DZ I really didn't think he would go for the concept of keeping the social media aspect and 'safe space' bullshit to a hard minimum.  The 'pay me to mod' cancer was already excised by DZ and that prevents a lot of the elitist stupidity of LL.  RC is a nice guy but I don't like anyone so that pretty much cancels out the forum favorites of Nexus and the 'protected class' of retards over at LL.  The way I see things, if people can't survive on Reditt, 4Chan or Youtube then they shouldn't post on NSFWMods.  And they REALLY shouldn't post if they think they can get away with social agendas and internet correcting people.

I haven't been to Nexus in months and the last time I went to LL I was there less than 5 minutes.  That's how passé they are.  And both sites have this goofy 'Follow us on...' mentality.  Somehow they've convinced themselves that inviting every idiot on FaceBook and Twitter to 'Check us out!' is a good idea.  But since those sites are already the cesspools of gaming a few thousand extra Communists, Feminists and SJWs won't matter.  Nexus and LL have lost the war; or more like the admins surrendered.  It's like going to jail and turning gay when you're only in for parking tickets. :D 

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It's easy to be open and frank when the community is small but drama is inevitable in any discussion, and worse when money is in the mix.  How to manage drama is the biggest challenge for any moderator, online or offline, big community or small. 

Nexus was already commercial when I started modding but in my limited experience LL wasn't like that until it changed its stance on money in modding and then refused to write new rules.  This started an escalation of drama and like Nexus the moderators resorted to the easy way out by using censorship.  Censorship is easy and effective in controlling speech or "drama" and just like everyone who's ever in power once LL moderators went down that road there is no stopping.  Whereas moderators used to locked threads for lack of civility or clear rule breaking now they just delete posts they don't like in the name of "drama".  In essence they stopped being moderators.

Something to keep in mind if nsfwmods ever become a big success. 

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NSFWMods has a few built-in safeguards to prevent it from becoming like Nexus or LL.  I think the main one is that trolling isn't against the rules.  There's no way a member can start shit and then try to hide behind the staff, because we won't be 'cleaning up threads' to protect them.  If members don't want shit then don't start shit.  That's the one of the main problems with both Nexus and LL; the forum darlings start shit and when it comes back to them they run and hide under a moderator's skirt.  If people don't have that option then they're more likely to behave or (even better) keep their fucking mouths shut and not post at all.  Posting here is is like a trapeze act without a net; fall and there's nothing to catch you.

And realistically there's isn't a payday for having a big social media-style forum section.  There are A LOT of people at LL who don't mod, help others with mod questions, or do anything productive.  All they do is post in Off Topic threads and suck bandwidth.  And they are the ones the staff protects with their idiotic 'no drama' rule.  If someone has 2000+ posts and they've never uploaded so much as a screenshot then they are NOT a benefit to the site.  It's as stupid as the 'Contributors' there who haven't contributed anything.  But all of that is on the LL staff so I'm very happy for them.

As for the staff here deleting posts, I haven't deleted a single one and I doubt if I will unless it endangers DZ's interest in the site.  Otherwise people can be as stupid and wrong as they want to be.  Just be prepared to be laughed at.

So far there's only been two instances of people committing forum suicide.  One guy came here with the intent to harass RC in messages and that's all he was doing.  He had to go.  Another guy went on a political rant in the Cringe-Worthy Internet thread.  Either he didn't understand the context of the thread or he 'went there' intentionally.  After a brief exchange he decided it was a good idea to take the 'argument' to every thread on the forum he had started.  After he got a few warnings to knock it off he deleted every thread and post he had made and attacked the staff in Messages.  That got him banned.  As a parting gift I edited his user profile...https://nsfwmods.com/profile/23491-gandalftw/

This is all that's left of his forum bullshit. https://nsfwmods.com/forums/topic/367-the-cringe-worthy-internet-thread/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-4537  He deleted everything else himself.  I kinda miss him...NOT.

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You have to do really serious acts here to get a thread deleted or yourself banned. Simple trolling isn't one of them. Harassing someone even a moderator within reason isn't one of them. Serious acts showing an intent that you aren't here for any reason other than to cause problems with the site is one. As I see it we are here to protect the site and the forum... not individuals regardless of who they are (including other members of the moderation team) or what they have contributed to the site or their number of post. NOBODY is special (well except DZ which can pull the plug on the site :P that that is a whole different matter ;)) 

The key to remember is we protect the site not the members. We don't play favorites as there have been member that left because we didn't give them something they thought was needed or wanted.  All the moderators follow this rule and we discuss various activities on the site on a very regular basis as needed. Rarely is something done by one member. (except spam blocking ;)) Banning, rules changes, status of member, disciplines etc etc. all discussed as much as possible and a final decision is made at the end. I don't have the same experience as Kendo and DZ have in moderating a site (I have moderated for one other site) but from my experiences of being a member with the various gaming sites I honestly believe this isn't the case on those sites. or at least not as in-depth

One alternate case in point.. where a person was clearly qualified for banning for violating our rules upon further discussion we decided to give him/her a chance for various reasons related to the particular situation. Yes, a "particular situation"  not break the rule you are gone Nexus policy. Everything is considered carefully on a case by case basis. In his case he/she wasn't able to access the site for a few days as we judged his/her act and make a final judgement.

In short you can say we (moderators DZ included) take our moderation rules and policies harder and following them more strictly than we do the community rules. Since DAY 1 we haven't violated our core moderation policies and procedures. That is one thing I believe really separates nsfwmods.com from other gaming sites

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17 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

Step #1; Members are not allowed to be offended with out permission.  If members aren't offended then the staff will be offended for you. :P

I thought we were going for a slightly different direction. Guess I was wrong. I thought it was

Step #1; Members are not allowed to be offended with out permission. If members aren't offended then rest assured one of the staff will offend! :P

Guess it was changed at the last moment.. .I can't keep up with all these rule changes... (LOL)

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