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5 hours ago, vancleef said:

This. We can't rely on oil forever but for fuck's sake it's what powers everything right now. I swear to Baby Jeebus that some of my Liberal friends have no clue how food gets to the supermarket. Do they think we have teleportation hubs? Trucks deliver it. They sneer at the truck drivers out of one side of their mouths, telling them to go back to school and then bitch out the other side about the price of Hummus. Naive dummies.

You want solar cells and electric cars? Of course you can have them one day. But get your heads out of your asses and accept it can't happen overnight.

Before cars etc. we had an very extensive train system. Where I live there are remnants of train tracks and bridges which are systematically being removed anddiscarded. Correct me if I am wrong, a train gallon of fuel is used way more effectively than a semi truck. 

On that matter, every major and many less major street where I live had trolley systems in place. Way more energy effective and cheap to run from what I have read. Every time they do some major work I see the workers either cutting the tracks or digging them out completely. The latter if it is a major project.

Electric cars use energy. Depending on what is being used to supply that energy. Most times it is coal in my area, some nucular power plants as well. Not very energy efficient. Just deferring the polution elsewhere. I for one don't like the electric cars. Hybrids are ok and pretty good solution. I don't like electric cars, wait for a couple of hours to fill it up? People unpluggin it while you aren't there. Lots of bullshit going on with the way they have it setup. Also all the resources needed (often rare) requiring major mining of the components to create these cars. Not sure if they can recycle it properly and safely with minimum pollution when done.

Just trying to virtue signal that is all they are doing.

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On 11/15/2022 at 8:15 PM, LadySmoks said:

Not TD Bank? Back when travel to Ukraine was possible, and we had TD Bank, we gave them our itinerary, and they still blocked our card! Something like 3rd time they did that. So much fun on a prepaid cell phone calling a bank from Eastern Europe.

Nope. Citi Bank. But now I'm getting that the problem isn't them but Boost Mobile. I talked to a sales rep at a store and he says that's been happening since he worked there. It's a problem with the mailing and shipping address and it only works if I use a card with one that doesn't match the same mailing and shipping address. Has to do with the insurance of the company who handles the transactions for credit card/debit purchasing for them.

These are the same exact errors I'm getting.

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On 11/16/2022 at 2:39 PM, endgameaddiction said:

Lets go green and use electric vehicles for everyone, but let's also noot charge them because the energy grid can't take everyone charging their cars.🤪

I can't see why they can't hvae the power they need. Just link with another state and buy their excess. There are grids that expand many states in the US, why can't they? Are they too good for power from elsewhere. Sure it will costs (and likely cost more) but if they want their zero emissions dream, I can't see another way. I don't see the current tech being able to keep up with the demands that are being placed on it. Can it, sure. how to? stop using electricity like they currently are using it. Personal solar panels powering your house, (everybody including those that are poor) More energy efficient devices (move Hollywood as they need powerful computers to make all the special effects and edit and work movies. ) Hell their lights take more than most homes use. I know someone that went to school for that shit. he had the equipment and needed to make a small movie (think 20 minutes or so) The lights and equipment blew the circuit breakers (of a house that has recently been properly upgraded) so many times. He finally went and got a generator to help supplement the power needed. Them thar lights are very bright!

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