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I grew up to cassettes and VHS. Not sure if the early 80s 8track was still being used. I would assume yes, but for me I used cassette tapes and VHSs in the mid 80s through the 90s until CD became the next device. I happen to have a very very old karaoki machine that has two 8track and 2 cassette inputs with the very old and large input for microphones. I bet the thing still runs. Funny because a friend of mine used to practice with his band in my garage and used it as a substitute for a PA system. He left it and I later used it as a substitute for a guitar amp until I had a real amp. Sounded horrible for an electric guitar since it didn't have a mid, gain (distortion), or bass knob to it.

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30 minutes ago, Gandalftw said:


I started out with 45's on a cheap mono player at 11 years old,i couldn't play my music in the house for my parents hated rock,if it wasn't country or gospel music it was devils music and not allowed.I grew up in a bizarre world.Hehe

I stayed with 8track for quite a while after cassettes came out mainly because i had so damn many 8tracks but eventually i moved to cassettes for my autos.

Hehe,i love to see that karaoke machine.:D


It's exactly this one right here, except it's not in mint condition as this one in the image. And for some reason instead of saying Panasonic at the bottom left corner, it says National.




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On 9/25/2017 at 10:39 AM, ritualclarity said:

Here is another that most likely haven't seen either. It is a comedy.



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another movie from Roberto Benigni

Night on Earth (Rome)

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If you like old time comedy then you might like those. Also more than likely you haven't see these.

Roberto Benigni is an italian actor quite famous. he made mainly comedies but succeeded also in doing some great "serious" movies such as this one (here's the english version, but the italian one is better, sorry :P )




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On 4/30/2018 at 6:35 AM, ritualclarity said:

Is it wrong that I think I like this


Haven't see the series/movie but like the trailer... lol


Just caught it on Netflix.  It's Japanese office comedy dressed in the famed Sanrio cuteness.  Humor is a lot sharper in the beginning of the season but got formulaic toward the end.

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There are a few people at my work that like it. The strange thing (or not so strange) is those that like Anime don't necessary like this and those that don't (like me in general) found it funny and entertaining.

Don't get me wrong. I haven't even begun to watch it, I have many more movies and such to keep my attention :P That is for one fo those days you don't want to do anything else and aren't really interested in anything on your Que. ;) I am sure there are many here that know what I mean.


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Make sense.  It's mostly an office comedy and not the typical Anime exports.


70% of my Netflix "watching" is background noise and most of that is from the Netflix Originals the service crammed on my recommended list.  The "hit-ratio" that Netflix executives keep bragging about of its Originals is a mirage. 

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