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Good Idea,Alien, thanks. Okay, let's talk about movies again Do you remeber to this Quote? "I'm chaos and he is mayhem." I Like the Movies. A lot of fun and cool action.   

Hehe, you're an Alien, I am just a mild mannered Succubus. But sometimes it is crazy ,what a lot different Movie genres could be wake up the interest. A few weeks ago, i watched ST - Wrath of Kha

I HATED the theatrical cut! I remember leaving the theater in a "What the Fuck?" mood. A friend harangued me into watching the director's cut and suddenly the whole epic made sense. Now one of my favo

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    • By bjornk
      What were the first ever TV shows, movies or music that you used to watch or listen to on your own, when you were a kid?
      These were some of mine back in the early 70s...
      TV shows...
      It was all B&W... It's funny how I can still remember their music...
      My first ever cassette was given to me by my father were a compilation of sorts. It was an orange BASF which looked like this...
      One side was ABBA the other was Neil Diamond... 😀
      Movies are hard to remember as you'd only watch them once, as there were no DVDs not even VHS back then. 😀

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