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Kendo 2

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A "steward"? If that's anything like "flight attendant".....  I'm on the Hungarian side. 🐲


OK, plane rant here. 😆


Guess I've been on too many planes. There were some good ones but the last few years (before everything went freaky psycho) quite a few I think thought they were mini Hitlers. 😆

I think I remember the last one best. When I fly I have earplugs because the engines are too loud on most jets. (Sensitive hearing.) So I always pop them in particularly if I'm anywhere near the giant noise monsters. Well this one -flight attendant- (of course a scowling fat woman) at first said I can't listen to music. Which I not only wasn't doing, but couldn't as they are EAR PLUGS. Then she said I had to take them out to hear the idiotic safety lecture I can recite by heart depending on airline. 🤣 She kept bugging me about it so I told her "Look, I can either have the earplugs in or I'll be sticking my fingers in my ears until your jet can learn how to be quiet so it won't hurt my ears. Which is it!?" She left me alone after that. Today I probably would have caused an "in-flight aggression incident".

I DO NOT miss flying!!

There. Rant over. 🤣🤣

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More in FO4 Adventures.....

Soo I finally get into the Institute. (Somehow even the Institute has sections where people forgot what a broom is.) Talk to the weirdo old guy that sounds less human than a robot. (Then again, I think the reason nobody can tell a synth from a human is no NPC is remotely human in this game. 😆 ) I'm supposed to go talk to the department heads. So I do. Get the little MacGuffin thingy that lets you teleport in and out of the Institute.


And nothing happens. 😆 And I can't leave. :D Did a little checking, apparently there is a situation where the whole game breaks down if you just ... do what the quest wanted. 🤣🤣🤣

The game is pretty awful, but the bugs keep on giving. 😆😆

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He hasn't had any new videos for about a week or so but he does that occasionally. The guy has to vacation at some point. 🤷‍♀️ I don't really watch him much but drop by his channel pretty regularly. He does a lot with that polish guy (I've given up trying to pronounce anything Polish, impossible language 😆) and he hasn't mentioned anything.

And WOW they sure hate Tim's guts. Just tried looking for any info. WHAT a cluster (*#&$. 🤪🤡

I vaguely remember this happening before too. Maybe 5 years ago? I mainly remember because he did a funny video on it.

Hopefully he's OK. If he is dead, you can be sure whatever he died from.... it will be Covaids. 🤡

EDIT: And of course I find it right after posting. Found some videos of people saying Tim died.... from 2019!

EDIT2: Well...  he actually had a new video out... yesterday. Guess I need to hit the refresh button more often. 🤣

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16 hours ago, Nessa said:

EDIT2: Well...  he actually had a new video out... yesterday. Guess I need to hit the refresh button more often. 🤣

To be fair that was a IRL video that he often clips segments out of. I've heard from several comments that he has been AFK for a week now. If you watched him, he never takes a break that long. Also, his Twitter hasn't been updated. 

His last post. I did hear from one subscriber to his webpage that he and his staff felt "under the weather" and are taking a break. So yeah the hatemongers are running with it pretty bad right now. 

Edit: he's back, all is well. 

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